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[The speculation of Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase ...

Military power rankings top of the world Long hand of Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended to the Middle East. The United States so as to fill the gap pull out of the Middle East, Russia, friendly countries as well as Syria and Iran, has strengthened the relationship between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, which has been confrontation originally. Why influence of Russia has increased, the aim of President Vladimir Putin, is speculation something, consider today. j0_0.jpg Day President Putin, was welcomed Erdogan the President of Turkey to Sochi presidential villa of southern Russia. This day was the day the deadline was stopped military operations in Syria northeast of Erdogan President agreed with the United States days expires. Putin Eldo Ann talks beyond the time, the two leaders announced a memorandum of understanding as a result of the talks. Compliance with the maintenance of the unity and integrity of the Syrian territory and the security of Turkey Russia is to withdraw from the Turkish border of Syria northeast troops of the Kurdish armed forces YPG day from noon to within 0 hours.

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