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Saudi Arabia Army

Military power rankings top of the world Saudi Arabia Army Saudi Arabia Army (Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia, English: Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia) is, Saudi Arabia Army, Royal Saudi Navy, Saudi Air Force, Royal Saudi Air Defense, is the Saudi Arabia of the army, including the Saudi Arabia National Guard. Commander-in-Chief of the Saudi military law but the king, the de facto command authority since the length prime minister has (except the founding of the Saudi government, prime minister has become a Concurrent kings consistently ). Management and operation of the Saudi military is responsible for the Department of Defense (Ministry of Defense) is. Governance Basic Law of Saudi Arabia which is determined a year, defines the Islamic doctrine, the two Holy Mosques, the defense of the society and the homeland] as a military mission. history The beginning of the Saudi military is 0 years Abdulaziz ibn Sa oud consists of House of Saud relatives relatives gathered in order to recapture Riyadh, was only 0 troops. While troops of only 0 people against the garrison three thousand people, was recaptured Riyadh Uchitori the Ajuran governor-general is the occupation forces of commander.

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