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Egypt army

Military power rankings top of the world Egypt army Egypt Army (Egypt Army, Ali: جيش مصر), the army of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Regular army is Egypt army, Egypt Navy, Egyptian Air Force, which is composed of Egypt air defense forces, the total forces of 00 years estimates, 00 people. Reserve officers, 000 people. It is the largest army in the African continent. Central security forces also jurisdiction over the Ministry of Interior in addition to the regular army (English version) (, 000), border guards (, 000), the Republican Guard, which the Ministry of Defense has jurisdiction over (English version), 0,000 people) paramilitary organization, such as there has been an existence. Army commander-in-chief is headed by the President, but now national defense military Minister Shea de key source Buhi army general is concurrent, Chief of the General Staff, Mahmoud Higa over Zui Army lieutenant general. Overview Egypt is one of the major military power in Africa and the Middle East, has a military force comparable to Israel.

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